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Investment Data Integration: Providing a 360 degree view of your client’s wealth

Wealth and business management firms constantly strive to provide their clients with the most comprehensive financial reporting. To achieve this result, firms have to combine a client’s personal and investment data into one consolidated balance sheet. In most cases, this information is tracked in separate systems that do not integrate, and firms are left manually entering data from brokerage statements into their accounting system. This manual process is not only time consuming, but it also prevents firms from scaling to meet the demands of a growing business.

We are pleased to announce the solution to this industry-wide problem: InvestLink1. InvestLink allows firms to import investment data directly into AgilLink by integrating with leading investment reporting systems and data aggregators such as Addepar, Envestnet, and Private Client Resources (PCR)2. This gives firms access to investment data from over 400 financial institutions and a wide range of institutional custodians. InvestLink eliminates manual data entry by digitally collecting and translating investment data into dual-sided journal entries in AgilLink, which are automatically mapped, reconciled, and posted to a client’s general ledger. This enables firms to provide more frequent and comprehensive financial reports for their clients and expedite tax preparation. 

For firms that already use an investment reporting system, our new API gives firms the opportunity to create a best-of-breed technology stack that facilitates seamless integration from their investment system to AgilLink. They will be able to tailor their technology solutions to their unique business needs.

InvestLink was launched internally in May for testing with live client data. Based on the success and feedback of our pilot clients, general availability is coming soon.

Please note this functionality is only available in AgilLink by Datafaction. For more information about InvestLink or upgrading to AgilLink, contact your Datafaction account manager today!


1InvestLink is a service mark of Aspire Financial Services, LLC which is not affiliated with Datafaction.

2Addepar, Envestnet, Private Client Resources, LLC(PCR) are not affiliated with Datafaction.