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AgilLink by Datafaction Features

Coming in April: eBills for AgilLink

Drive efficiency and automation in your bill pay workflow with our latest eBills feature. Processing paper bills received by mail or downloading invoices from a vendor’s website is tedious, time-consuming, and a repetitive manual activity.

AgilLink by Datafaction’s eBills is a powerful automation designed to streamline your accounts payable process. 

By expanding our integration with City National’s EASI Link service you can automate the acquisition of bills from many top service providers. Incoming eBills automatically create invoices to pay within the appropriate AgilLink workflow queue for review and approval. Save time and reduce errors with this easy-to-use feature.

eBills connects to a network of nearly 400 merchants and service providers including: utilities, auto finance companies, insurance carriers, wireless and cable service providers, retailers, and much more. 

AgilLink’s eBills is a revolution in efficiency. We're dedicated to finding new ways to deliver automated workflow solutions. This allows you to spend more time delivering personal service to your clients.

Available Now: Current Day Reporting

AgilLink now offers current bank account balances with City National's EASI Link, you won’t wait for recent transactions to show up in your account to reconcile your books. With Current Day Reporting, ATM and Point of Sale transactions will now post to your City National bank account balances in AgilLink the same day.

Available Now: ACH Direct Debit

ACH Direct Debit via EASI Link makes it now possible to transfer funds from another financial institution to a City National account. AgilLink users have several options to move funds all from the Transfer Funds page. Along with ACH Direct Debit are the options to move funds from a City National to City National Account and funds transfers initiated outside of AgilLink (Ledger Only).

ACH Direct Debit requires a release, which comes with the same layer of security you would expect with all electronic payments. Transactions initiated through ACH Direct Debit can take 1-2 business days to process.