Onboarding with Ease: What is your message? Onboarding with Ease: What is your message?

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Onboarding with Ease: What is your message?

Working closely with over 50 firms making the switch to AgilLink has given us many insights. In the last installment, we detailed the training opportunities available for AgilLink.

Training is essential to building the knowledge your team needs to effectively use our service and accomplish your objectives.

Perhaps even more important than training is facilitating adoption within your firm.  There is no better way to encourage adoption than to create what we like to call your "Message of Change."  In short, identify the reason you selected AgilLink and use it to build the message that you want to deliver to your organization.

Most change is met with the question "Why?" "Why must we do things differently?" or "Why are we changing something that was working?" or "Why do we have to change at all?"

Every partner, owner and manager who was involved in choosing AgilLink has already decided that now is the time for action.  They envision the benefits and rewards that come from the efficiency and accuracy in AgilLink. Taking that intangible vision and creating an actual message is crucial to ensuring that everyone is focused on the same goal.

In developing your Message of Change, be sure to not only include your benefits but also answers to these high-level "why" questions to save everyone time. Write it down.  Say it aloud.

In addition to your delivery of this message, enlist some key players in your office to repeat it.  Just like a sport or musical instrument, you must practice and repeat.   Do the same with your Message of Change.  Lead your weekly meetings with the message.  Informally remind your team of the message when they drop a “Why?” Assure everyone that their effort will reap the goals that you have envisioned.

To reuse a common phrase, "Change isn't easy."  However, by identifying your Message of Change and reinforcing it with your team, you will create a foundation on which to share a common goal and ultimately guarantee success.