AgilLink March Release AgilLink March Release


Spring Release

Exciting updates coming for all AgilLink users!

The 2018 AgilLink Roadmap is all about closing the gaps with our Legacy product’s features and delivering innovative enhancements for your operations and workflow. Here is a look at what to expect in Spring 2018:

International Wires via EASI Link:  A long-awaited addition to AgilLink’s straight-through banking processing. Highlights include USD to FX wires, USD to USD, compliance with the Dodd-Frank Act and an easy to use currency conversion tool built into the payment invoice entry page.

Workflow Delegations: With Tax Day around the corner, you will need a well-earned vacation on April 16th. While you are out of the office, the AgilLink administrator may delegate your approvals to another user for a specified time period. Once the delegation expires, any bill not yet approved by the delegate returns to you and you’re able to review a report of the approvals that were done in your absence.

Accounts Receivable: Datafaction products have always been great with payables. AgilLink will also be great with receivables too! Enter Customers, Sales Tax Rates and Localities, Products, Generate Invoices, Enter Payments, Credits and Adjustments, Generate Statements and run Aging Reports to help get your client paid sooner.

Job Costing: Need to track income and expenses by project? AgilLink’s Job Costing feature is your solution! It’s fully integrated with the general ledger – no more reconciling sub-ledgers. Reporting features include actuals by project, project budgets, estimates, costs to complete, and much more!

Keep an eye out for future announcements as each of these features are released!