Better controls with remote client approval Better controls with remote client approval


Better controls with remote client approval

Where in the world are your clients when you need them?

For business managers and accountants working in entertainment and sports management, globetrotting clients are the norm. On any given day, your client might be preparing to give a concert in Oslo, making an appearance at a new restaurant in Albuquerque, flying to a playoff game in Boston, overseeing film production in Johannesburg, or vacationing in Bali.

With texts, mobile calls, and email, you can generally reach your clients quickly, across time zones, to convey important information. You might need to tell your client about an upcoming meeting with investors for her next project. Or you might want to share news about growing profits at the end of a quarter. With a few taps on a smartphone, you can send and receive basic information anywhere in the world.

But what happens if your client needs to approve bills for payment?

Let’s say you just received a large bill from your client’s attorney. The client might want to review the details before paying it. A few years ago, you might have overnighted the bill or faxed it to your client’s hotel. When a signature was required, the client had to sign and send the paper checks back to you.

The process worked, but it was expensive, time-consuming, and risky. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Enable remote review and approval

Today there are much faster, more efficient ways to get approvals from your traveling clients. With the right solution, you can quickly scan a new paper bill and enable your client to review, approve, and reject transactions from anywhere in the world. Your client could even send back a message or highlight any objections to the bill. By using a web-based solution, you can be sure that your client can review documents using pretty much any device—a smartphone, tablet, or even a PC in a hotel lobby.

Integration with payment systems can streamline the next steps. Your client can approve payment for a bill and apply a digital signature that will print out on a check, which is then automatically sent out to the vendor. For vendors that receive payments electronically, the solution can use the client’s approval to trigger payment through an automated clearing house (ACH) or bank wire system.

Safeguard sensitive client information

Using a digital process for review and approval—instead of a paper one—can help eliminate the possibility that documents will be lost or stolen as they cross the multiple states or even continents between you and your clients. But of course, the digital world has its own security challenges.

You need a solution that will protect digital information from unauthorized access. Two-factor authentication can help ensure that only authorized individuals review documents. A third authentication layer for the payment process can make sure no payments are made by unauthorized persons.

Keep things moving

Your clients aren’t shackled to a desk. They’re often on the move, earning their living—and enjoying some precious downtime—in all four corners of the planet. Even when they’re in town, they might be on a film set, in a recording studio, or at their team’s training facility.

The good news is that digital solutions can help you get their review and approval, securely, no matter where they are. You can keep processes moving even as your clients stay perpetually in motion.