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Shipped Ideas

We’ve been listening… Since the launch of the AgilLink Ideas Portal late last year, we’ve received over 250 ideas and close to 600 votes; all thanks to you! With your invaluable feedback, we’re proud to present some of the features designed to enhance your AgilLink experience.

Here are some of the highlights:          

Record deposit ticket: Never forget another deposit ticket again. Deposit tickets are now automatically selected when creating a new deposit record.

Undo chart of accounts upload: You can quickly undo a chart of accounts upload without having to delete individual accounts. A chart upload may be undone if no changes have been made to the accounts and they haven’t been used in any transactions. This is especially helpful if you notice mistakes after the chart has been uploaded.

Auto clear check deposits and payments: Automatically clear deposits and payments created by performing transfers, entering deposits, or paying AP invoices with the ATM/POS, Online Payment, or Automatic Debit payment methods. Simply enable the “Auto Clear Deposits and Payments” setting in your Firm Settings, and you are good to go.

Record deposit search: Searching for deposit records just got easier. You may now search by Payor and Check Number.

Record deposit print ticket: To optimize your workflow, AgilLink will maintain the deposit ticket for the last deposit image prior to switching clients. This gives you the option to print the deposit ticket before moving on to the next client.

“To Enter” inbox enhancement: Working on multiple clients from the “To Enter” inbox is now seamless. AgilLink will automatically move on to open items for the next client, eliminating the need to exit the inbox.

Define check date: Multiple check dates may be defined from the “Pay Invoices and Print Checks” screen. You can apply a single check date across an entire batch or set individual check dates for each invoice. If a check date was assigned prior to workflow, that check date would be honored when paying the invoice.

GL account lookup: Now when you look up a GL Account in AgilLink, the results will include the roll-up account number and descriptions.

Ledger Report check number: The Ledger Report now displays deposit check numbers.

Vendor payment notification: Your vendors may now be setup to receive email notifications when they have been paid in AgilLink via ACH, domestic wire, or international wire.

Check face modifications: Check faces no longer include the user name or firm code.

Ledger Report suppress zero activity: Monthly subtotals with no activity are automatically suppressed on the Ledger Report, and you now have the option to suppress zero balance accounts as well. This can drastically reduce the size of your report and the processing time. More good news: we’ve also added the account description to the top of each page.

Ledger Report AR payors: The payor and description have been added to the Ledger Report for AR invoices.