Top Ten Blogs of 2020 Top Ten Blogs of 2020


Top Ten Blogs of 2020

Like many of you, we at Datafaction are looking forward to turning the page on 2020. While 2020 presented many challenges it did provide us more time to consume content. Here is a look back at our most popular blogs for the year:

1.       Bill Pay Market Research

Our first market survey for bill pay yielded some great insights on the state of bill pay for business managers and family offices. We look forward to conducting this survey again in 2021.

2.       Tired of Manual Reconciliation?

Reconciling bank accounts is a critical, but painful process for most firms. Don Ludwig explains how this process can be streamlined and how staff can be deployed into higher value functions.

3.       What Two Things Every Family Office Wants

Highlighting some of the results from our Bill Pay Market Research. Blog contained two great infographics – What the typical bill pay process looks like and how it can be streamlined with an integrated system like AgilLink.

4.       Signs your Family Office has outgrown QuickBooks

Some great insight from our survey on the biggest pain points and wish list items from family offices using QuickBooks.

5.       Future of WealthTech

The first of a three part series where Mark Wickersham breaks down the trends affecting family wealth firms and how these firms can capitalize on emerging technologies.

6.       Covid-19 Scams

Brian Frick, City National Bank’s Chief Information Security Officer discusses how cyber-criminals leverage current events in their scams.

7.       Five Lessons Learned from InvestLink Pilot

In 2020, we concluded our successful pilot of InvestLink. In this blog, we discuss the lessons learned from the roll out.

8.       2020 Predictions for Business Managers

No one would have predicted what 2020 would have in store for business managers, but with Covid-19 being the ultimate digital accelerator, these predictions are remarkably spot on.

9.       Integrated Client Accounting Services

This blog breaks down the key components needed to create an integrated client account services platform. This blog also includes this great one pager on how AgilLink compares in these key areas.

10 . Top Ten Blogs for 2019

Finally this blog recaps our most popular blogs from 2019 with insights on family wealth technology trends and steps to take before selecting new technologies.

We hope you have found these blog posts insightful. In 2021, we will continue to put out content that is relevant and insightful to the clients we serve. Please check our blog page often or follow us on LinkedIn for the latest news and announcements.