What’s New? What’s New?


What’s New?

What’s new with AgilLink?

InvestLink – Investment Integration

 We are excited to share you the progress we have made to date in rolling out InvestLink our investment data integration module. The feedback we have received from our clients to date have been very positive. We will have breakout sessions at AccuInsight ’19 for those wanting to learn more.

AgilLink - Reporting Updates

We are committed to providing you with exceptional reports for you to effectively and efficiently run your business. We appreciate your feedback and continued partnership as we continue to improve AgilLink.

Cash Transaction Summary - Cash flow is essential for evaluating your client’s liquidity, and we’re happy to bring you an additional tool to help analyze cash.  AgilLink’s new Cash Transaction Summary report will aggregate of transactions from all of your client’s bank accounts grouped by GL account. The first version of this report will include Rollup vs Detail reporting options. Future improvements such as grouping accounts by category and subcategory will be available in the near future.

Comparative Trial Balance - The Comparative Trial Balance report is now available in AgilLink.  This report features the following views: Detail, Summary, and Summary with Levels. Each view includes Debit/Credit detail columns.

To run the Comparative Trial Balance, navigate to the Trial Balance Report and change the Report Mode drop-down to "Comparative Trial Balance."  Choose a Report Date and a Prior Date to compare and run the report.

Coming Soon!

Look for these new features towards the end of this year:

Automated Reporting – Automated Reporting, previously known as Mass Modes, brings some of your favorite Datafaction functionality to AgilLink. Based on your settings, the Automated Reporting feature allows you to generate a package of predefined reports for your clients for a given date range. If desired, you may include a table of contents and cover page. We’re excited to bring you additional flexibility in the cover page and packaging options, as well as a streamlined setup process.

Consolidated Reporting – We understand the importance of providing consolidated financial statements to your clients and the time and effort it takes to prepare them. AgilLink will provide you with the ability to run financial statements across multiple entities for a consolidated financial position. Financial statements include the Income Statement, Income Statement Schedule, Balance Sheet, Balance Sheet Schedule, and Liquidity Report.