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Accounts Receivable

AgilLink 2018 Winter Release

We are very excited to announce that we have released an Accounts Receivable (AR) Module in AgilLink!  We aimed to make the process of AR as simple and elegant for the end user as possible.  From modern and intuitive web pages to ease of reporting, your users will be able to perform their AR related work efficiently and effectively.

In an effort to save on paper, our new module will assist you with the ability to email both invoices and statements to clients using customizable email addresses (remember e-mail is an inherently unsecure form of communication. You should refrain from sending any personal or confidential information). There is a paperless option that allows you to deliver invoices electronically. Sending invoices and statements to clients is now more efficient with the ability to send them in bulk rather than one at a time. Invoices can also be distributed to clients through a common printing process where invoices are printed in bulk and mailed to clients. 

Getting started with our new AR module is simple and easy. Help your clients get paid sooner and keep track of outstanding invoices all with a modernized and intuitive user interface. Yes, it’s really that easy.

The AR module is closely coupled with our Bank Reconciliation feature. As client payments are deposited the same straight-through deposit process ensures payments are processed quickly and efficiently. Stay on top of outstanding AR balances with customer statements and Aging reports that illustrate open receivables all customers in a summary or detailed view. 

For more information on features included in our latest release, click here for AgilLink Release Notes Winter 2018