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Check Writing

“It's like sending a letter when there's email.”

With the ease of making consumer digital payments in today’s world, whether utilizing an online banking platform or a mobile device, one would think that businesses would make the majority of their payments digitally rather than by check.  It turns out that this is not the case.  Businesses still pay 50% of their bills via paper check.  Why?  Checks are easy to issue.  You write them, send them in the mail, and the recipient (hopefully) receives payment.  Yet checks are also very expensive to issue, ranging anywhere from $4-$20 after considering all associated costs.  If you think about it, writing a check in today’s digital world is like sending a letter when you can send an email. 

AgilLink by Datafaction gives you the ability to easily transition your payment process from checks to electronic payments in a secure and efficient way, with some users processing more than 90% of their payments electronically.

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