AgilLink Takes Cloud Accounting to the Next Level AgilLink Takes Cloud Accounting to the Next Level


AgilLink Takes Cloud Accounting to the Next Level

Modernizing High-Net-Worth Bill Pay and Cloud Accounting Solutions for Business Managers and Family Offices

Datafaction has a long history of providing innovative business solutions to firms that service high-profile clients such as business managers, family offices and sports management firms. AgilLink, our newest web-based solution, is built upon a combination of deep industry knowledge and latest generation cloud technology. 

Asher Adler, Datafaction’s head of product, discusses the benefits Software as a Service (SaaS) brings our clients, “We know today more than ever our clients needed added security, broader resiliency and greater scalability.”

Innovating cloud-based security

AgilLink’s cloud-based service eliminates the need for clients to purchase and manage a hardware infrastructure. This is why AgilLink transitioned from a private data center to a leading cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider. Ami Adler, Datafaction’s head of software development, discusses the benefits of this transition, “Having a PaaS infrastructure provides us a host of development tools that enables us to build, test and deploy new capabilities quicker and more cost-effectively.”

AgilLink can be accessed from any remote browser and at all times. This contributes to a secure and stable platform where firms don’t need to worry about data backups, system availability, or hardware concerns. AgilLink’s cloud-based service prevents interruptions in client service and provides added security and resiliency.

Modernizing & Creating Scale

Executive Vice President for Treasury Management Solutions, Verna Grayce Chao, explains how AgilLink meets the needs of their clients, “We decided to lead the way with the next generation of cloud-based automation that would allow us to serve our clients better. We can now increase the rate of innovation to allow our clients to better meet their rapidly changing business needs.”

Another part of AgilLink’s approach to modernization is on our Application Programming Interface (API) and building out an eco-system to allow our clients to more securely scale their business. This includes AgilLink’s investment API (InvestLink), which can integrate with leading investment reporting systems as well as integrations that support City National Bank’s Entertainment Eco-System. An example of this is AgilLink’s new integration with Exactual’s Payment Hub, which helps business managers get their clients paid more quickly and securely as well as streamlining their back office operations.

AgilLink has been on the forefront of enabling firms to scale their business and helping them focus more on their clients than their back office. Firms can expand without additional investments in hardware or head count, which has allowed tremendous growth for these firms.

Developing Agile Integrations

City National Senior Vice President of Development Services, Ninad Deshmukh, explains AgilLink’s perpetual agility, “As developers, we can respond more quickly to client needs that arise. We can also innovate, evaluate results and make adjustments in a much more agile way.”

Staying at the forefront of tech-enabled banking is a priority for Datafaction. AgilLink is rapidly expanding the functions and features of its software to meet the demands of its users. Users have migrated from Datafaction’s Legacy Software to AgilLink to take advantage of these innovations.

To learn more about how AgilLink has moved from self-hosting to using a leading provider of Platform as aService and how this has changed our approach to technology see our case study.


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