Reflections on Nearly Forty Years in Business Management Reflections on Nearly Forty Years in Business Management


Reflections on Nearly Forty Years in Business Management

Next month I am embarking on a new chapter of my professional life, something I have not done in almost forty years: I will be making a career change.

I am taking the opportunity to join the executive team of a real estate management company in a key leadership role. While I am excited and looking forward to this new and different opportunity, this is indeed a bittersweet moment. Datafaction and our clients have been intrinsically intertwined in my professional and personal life for over 37 years.  It is with mixed emotions and much soul searching that I have decided to make a change and move to a new industry.

As though it was yesterday, my first day at Datafaction is indelibly etched in my mind.  It was November 1983 and I trained a business management firm on how to use our general ledger software.  Now, almost forty years later, four of those people in that training session are still happy and loyal Datafaction clients! They are all currently at different firms, which is the nature of the Business Management industry.  While business managers and firms shifted and merged throughout the years, I have remained through all the various changes and developments of Datafaction. 

The past four decades has seen some exciting innovations in the industry. Many may seem today like basic features were very innovative for their time including: enabling printing on blank check stock, integration of credit card transactions and payments to the general ledger. We were the first in the industry to create an imaging system with workflow which allowed business managers to approve payments electronically, unshackling them from the office.  One of the biggest breakthroughs was integrating our accounting system with City National Bank.  We were the first to do straight through processing for book transfers, ACH payments, Wires and Bill Pay, Automatic Bank Reconciliation, unattended check positive pay and information reporting.  

Datafaction was acquired by City National Bank a little over ten years ago. Since then the bank has been incredibly supportive and has invested in research and development of the product to refresh and bolster the software to a modern, scalable, secure and enduring platform for the industry.  

Innovation of our secure bill payment platform continues today with AgilLink being hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, the launching of InvestLink for integration of investment data and the ability for aggregating third party bank data using Plaid.  I’m proud of the fact that our third generation product called AgilLink is crisp, fully functional and uses the tried and tested business rules to run a business management firm whilst providing a modern interface that is easy to use and scalable as firms grow.

It has been an honor to dedicate my career to this unique industry and it’s creative clients for almost 40 years.  I am very grateful to all our clients who have supported Datafaction.  We have built a strong team who are totally committed to taking care of our clients and providing solid solutions, excellent training and support.  We are always striving to do better and appreciate the feedback and ideas that we receive.  

Starting in June I am changing my day-to-day activities but you our clients, colleagues and business associates will be part of me forever.  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. It has been a deeply rewarding privilege to work with you all.


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