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Top 7 Videos of 2020

In 2020, Datafaction launched our YouTube channel. Video has become an important communication medium and as such we have tried to create more educational and promotional content in this format. Here are our most popular (non-promotional) videos for the year.

1.     AgilCast Interview with Verna Grayce Chao, President of Datafaction

We have recently started a new interview series called AgilCast. Verna Grayce Chao helps us kick of the series with this great insight on leadership and lessons learned from the pandemic.

2.     InvestLink: Account Data Aggregation & Investment Data Integration

This video presentation reviews how business managers and family offices can automate the collection of investment data and how that data can be integrated into AgilLink.

3.     Creating Best of Breed Technology Stack with Addepar

Speaking of InvestLInk, this video discusses how firms can create an integrated tech stack with AgilLink and Addepar.

4.     Technology & Operational Resiliency in the Family Office

Recorded early in the pandemic, this panel of technology and family office experts discusses how firms can create greater operational resiliency through technology.

5.     Top Five Bill Pay Do’s and Don’t

This video breaks down the top five things not to do as well as five bill pay top practices.

6.     Why Firms Struggle with Bill Pay

An excerpt from our Bill Pay Do’s and Don’ts presentation, Don Ludwig breaks down the reason why firms tend to struggle offering and scaling their bill payment service offering.

7.     AgilCast Interview with Brian Kleinman, SVP Datafaction

Our second episode of AgilCast, Brian Kleinman discusses the history of Datafaction and the evolution of the Business Manager industry.

We hope you found these videos insightful. Want to stay up to date? Please follow us on our YouTube channel.

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Addepar is an independent company that is not affiliated with Datafaction.
InvestLink is a service mark of Aspire Financial Services, LLC which is not affiliated with Datafaction.