Summer Release Summer Release


Summer Release

Exciting updates coming for all AgilLink users!

The 2018 AgilLink Roadmap is all about closing the final gaps with our Legacy product’s features as well as delivering innovative enhancements for your operations and workflow. Here is a look at what to expect this summer 2018:

Legacy to AgilLink Client Data Conversion: The Datafaction team has made the AgilLink adoption process much easier by creating data conversion tools to copy critical Legacy data into AgilLink. Our implementation team has tools to validate, extract and migrate the Legacy client definition-type data needed to quickly get up and running in AgilLink. To find out more information on making the move to AgilLink, please contact your Datafaction Sales representative.

Client Transfer: As was provided for Legacy, the Datafaction team can now move AgilLink client data across firms so that when a client changes firms, their data can move with them. For more information, please contact Datafaction Client Services.

Journal Uploads: Have an excel worksheet of journals you need to book? No more manual entry is required in AgilLink. Grab our excel workbook template, add your journals, and upload. It’s as easy as that! AgilLink will automatically validate your worksheet of journals and provide a list of successful or failed journals with an error reason. Look for more transaction types to upload in the future.