Adoption Time Adoption Time


Adoption Time

Summer is here and we are excited to announce that we have begun migrating firms to AgilLink by Datafaction. If you currently use the Legacy Datafaction system, it’s the perfect time to plan your AgilLink adoption.

AgilLink is now able to import from your Legacy System all client-related definition data such as bank, credit cards and vendors. It can also create journal entries to establish all the historical balances in the chart of accounts. Images stored in the Datafaction imaging system can be extracted and transferred to AgilLink.

The set-up process in AgilLink is simple and quick. After your data is migrated, you can immediately start paying bills. You can search historical imaging records directly from AgilLink. And access to the Legacy System as an archive is always available.

Datafaction is committed to helping you successfully transition to AgilLink. Our service is streamlined and configurable to your firm’s unique goals and requirements. From migrating data at the onboarding stage to getting your users set-up and trained, we are here to build the best experience for your firm.

We work hard to ensure that you receive and recognize the significant value you get from AgilLink. Ultimately, we want to make sure you and your business thrive with Datafaction.

AgilLink is user friendly and easier to train new employees. We offer a service that can scale with your growing business needs and daily support that builds the best experience.

The initial response to AgilLink by Datafaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Like any technology solution, there are always opportunities for improvement and enhancements and we are committed to delivering with AgilLink the specialized capabilities that our loyal clients have come to expect from our Legacy system. Our sales team is available for in-house demonstrations. Contact us today for more information!