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Bill Pay

Did you know AgilLink by Datafaction eliminates the need for a third-party bill pay provider?

AgilLink with a City National Bank account is a more efficient and securely integrated two-step process that combines an accounting system and bill pay service provider, which could lower your costs.

Usually to pay bills online you need three things: an accounting system, an online bank account and a bill pay service provider. If you are currently using separate systems for these functions, you may be open to fraud, data breaches, identity theft and compliance risk. That’s because third-party bill pay providers disburse payments on your behalf to vendors: They are not regulated like banks. There may also be charges for using their systems and transaction fees that can add up substantially with payment volume.

Utilizing City National EASILink integration, all payments processed through AgilLink go straight through to a City National bank account where they can be verified, providing peace of mind from a risk and cost point of view.

As you’ve come to expect from all Datafaction products, not only does AgilLink support bill pay through a City National bank account, it is also designed to simplify the complexities of multi-entity accounting, including sophisticated core general ledger, bill payment, tracking of income, management of large projects, insurance and estates. 

Watch our Bill Pay video here that illustrates the process.

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