Why Cloud Solutions Help Your Business Why Cloud Solutions Help Your Business


Why Cloud Solutions Help Your Business

We all are in the cloud, whether it’s streaming videos online or listening to our favorite song through an app, we rely heavily on the delivery of software and content over the internet (yes, this is what the cloud actually means). For a business utilizing enterprise software, migrating to the cloud provides some distinct advantages over on-premise hosting solutions.

Increased Accessibility

It is no longer the days of “I will get back to you by the end of the week” - in today’s world of instant communication, people expect answers immediately.  SaaS applications provide accessibility that exceeds that of on-premise applications.  Because SaaS applications are accessed via the internet, a user can log in virtually from anywhere and access necessary information.

A second dimension of accessibility addresses a change in how people are working.  It’s becoming more common for people to work remotely.  Firm’s which utilize on-premise solutions are limited in offering remote work options.  A firm leveraging SaaS applications can more easily offer remote work options to employees looking for flexibility.  Which firm will be able to attract better talent, a firm with less flexibility or a firm with more flexible options for their employees?

Increased Data Security

Working with the right SaaS vendor will provide you with a level of security which may be very difficult to achieve with an on-premise solution.  Whether physical security of servers or network and database access, a SaaS provider dealing with sensitive and high value data should operate with the highest levels of information security systems and protocols and continuously investing to stay ahead of the threats so that all you need to worry about is doing your work, not protecting and securing data.  A move to the cloud allows IT professionals to focus their resources on more valuable activities, such as evaluating new software applications which will benefit the organization.

Although a nebulous term, the cloud can be a great place for an organization to move towards as they look to increase productivity, security and attract top talent.