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Case Study

Gursey | Schneider

Founded in 1979, Gursey | Schneider is widely recognized as one of the premier family law, accounting and business management firms in the United States. The firm is known for providing dedicated and personalized service.

“Because of our size, we’re attuned to detail and making sure all of our clients’ needs are met,” says Jo Anne Swartz, manager of business management at Gursey | Schneider. “We can be more attentive than some of the larger firms.”

Gursey | Schneider was faced with the following challenges: They needed to increase workflow efficiency by consolidating information, improve collaboration by standardizing the presentation of client data and access detailed transaction information fast to be more responsive to client request.

When Datafaction announced the release of AgilLink, its next-generation business management solution, Swartz valued the ability of AgilLink to consolidate data, bringing information and functions from multiple programs into a single place. “In the past, we often had to run a report in one application and then launch another piece of software to see the results,” says Swartz. “With AgilLink, it’s like one-stop shopping.”

Having a single repository for all business transactions makes it easier to serve clients, which means business managers no longer have to search for transactions across multiple sites and services. Placing every transaction in a single place also allows Gursey | Schneider to identify trends and makes it less likely that a bill might slip through the cracks. “It makes our job easier that everything is in one place,” says Swartz. “That’s the bottom line: The software is much more user friendly.”

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