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AgilLink by Datafaction Introduction


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the associated costs to upgrade to AgilLink from existing Datafaction software?

All upgrade pricing is customized; contact your account manager for details.

What are the hardware requirements for AgilLink?

AgilLink is a SaaS solution and is not affected by hardware.

What security is in place for AgilLink? 

The application is protected with a user ID, password and additional security questions. Access to functions within the application is protected by means of roles to which users are subscribed. The data is housed behind two firewalls. Physical security is ensured by placement of the servers within a 24/7 guarded, high-security data center. 

What is the solution if the cloud-based system is down at any point?  

We have a backup environment that is available if the primary system is unavailable. The backup environment will run until service to the cloud is restored. 

Is there a built-in conversion feature for AgilLink? If not, what are the steps needed?

There will be a process to create the static data from the legacy system. We will migrate permanent documents from imaging and grant access to the transactional images either on our hosted site or on the client’s server if they wish to keep it running. 

Can you customize the program at all?

Clients cannot directly customize the application; we are unable to write code specific to one firm's requirements.

However, through various application settings and options, clients can change the behavior of the application in selected places. The exact list of options is not yet available, but may be in the near future.


Typical options are: 

·       General ledger account numbers can be sorted alphabetically

·       An invoice can be paid with a check that is dated prior to the invoice date

·       Existing journals can be adjusted or updated when recoding an invoice

·       Accounts payable transactions can be viewed in accrual or cash mode


There is a lot of flexibility in how a firm chooses to use AgilLink in areas such as:

·       Report layouts and output

·       Workflow

·       User access and security roles